Premier Farnell plc, the leading multi-channel, high service electronics distributor, was excited to announce in April 2010 that it was sponsoring the Leeds based cyclist David Stone, as he aspires to repeat his double gold success at Beijing, with further success at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. In line with Premier Farnell’s commitment to support local communities, the Company will provide funding and support to help meet David's needs as he continues to excel in a global competition.

David has made a powerful impact on the employees of the Company by his humility and humour and his relentless pursuit of excellence. Employees love following his progress via his blogs and twitter messages. David's presentations at Company meetings and conferences have been powerful and uplifting, and he already feels like a valued and integral part of the Premier Farnell family.

Harriet Green, CEO of Premier Farnell

"David is a remarkable individual who embodies the high performance traits that we at Premier Farnell truly value," said Harriet Green, CEO of Premier Farnell. "He is an inspiration to all and throughout the next two years we will celebrate his progress and work with him to understand the role that technology plays in his sporting achievements"

Neil Harrison - President of Farnell Europe

I have now had the privilege of both meeting and listening to David speak three times. On each occasion I and the entire audience have been simply overwhelmed by his story, the evident humility, absolute strength and sheer determination of the man. His candour about his life, his own personal challenges in both physical and mental terms, as well as what it takes to be an exceptional athlete and a rare double gold Olympian are truly engaging. David is quite simply one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and someone you would not want to get into a cycle race with!

Paul Horton - Head of Global Enterprise Solutions

I have had the pleasure to meet David now on 2 separate occasions where at each he gave a speech to our Senior Leadership Team. I remember him saying how nervous he was, but I have never before seen a presenter hold such a demanding audience in the palm of their hand as well as David. We all hung on his every word, how he told the story of his love of the bike, his childhood sweetheart Rosie and his determination to win – It touched and inspired everyone. We have taken David to our hearts because he is such a special person and will always be part of the Farnell family.

Chris Haworth - General manager of CPC, a Premier Farnell company

David is an inspirational speaker, he delivers his message with an impact others can only aspire to.

Alan Paterson, Commercial Director

David is an inspiration to everyone he meets. His guest speaking engagements are compelling. I will always remember one of his mantras, “Train hard, ride easy!